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A Guide to Starting Psychotherapy Groups

Subject Group psychotherapy.


How does a therapist go about starting a psychotherapy group? In this practical guide the reader finds the elements, both attitudinal and procedural, needed for starting a therapy group. The processes of obtaining referrals, selecting clients, orienting and educating clients, and preparing clients for psychotherapy are covered in clear step-by-step procedures. Tables and charts are provided for the necessary record keeping. The initial chapters detail the important stages leading up to the first therapy session. Eminent group therapists present special chapters on various therapeutic approaches. The topics of terminating groups and the role of the therapist close this pragmatic guide to therapy groups. A Guide to Starting Psychotherapy Groups assists psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, nurse clinicians, pastoral counselors, school and college counselors and other trained therapists in the process of forming and maintaining groups. Key Features * Steps for getting groups started, beginning with first mention of group therapy to clients * Clarification of differing theoretical approaches to doing groups * Helpful guides for tracking referrals and billing * Analysis of group psychotherapy's effectiveness * Attention to special groups and co-therapy leadership * Authoritative articles by international leaders in group psychotherapy