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Vascular transport in plants


Vascular Transport in Plants provides an up-to-date synthesis of new research on the biology of long distance transport processes in plants. It will be a valuable resource and reference for researchers and graduate level students in physiology, molecular biology, physiology, ecology, ecological physiology, development, and all applied disciplines related to agriculture, horticulture, forestry and biotechnology. The book considers long-distance transport from the perspective of molecular level processes to whole plant function, allowing readers to integrate information relating to vascular transport across multiple scales. The book is unique in presenting xylem and phloem transport processes in plants together in a comparative style that emphasizes the important interactions between these two parallel transport systems. * Includes 105 exceptional figures * Discusses xylem and phloem transport in a single volume, highlighting their interactions * Syntheses of structure, function and biology of vascular transport by leading authorities * Poses unsolved questions and stimulates future research * Provides a new conceptual framework for vascular function in plants.