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Soil Quality for Crop Production and Ecosystem Health

Subject Soils -- Quality.


Concepts of soil quality and their significance; Physical attributes of soil quality; Chemical attributes and processes affecting soil quality; Biological attributes of soil quality; An ecosystem perspective of soil quality; Soil quality indicators: pedological aspects; Effects of soil redistribution on soil quality: Pedon, Landscape, and regional scales; Standardisation for soil quality attributes; Soil quality control; Pedotransfer functions to evaluate soil quality; Statistical approaches to the analysis of soil quality data; Soil organic matter dynamics and their relationship to soil quality; Socioeconomics in soil-conserving agricultural systems implications for soil quality; Toward a framework for soil quality assessment and prediction; Establishing a Benchmark System for monitoring soil quality in Canada; Case study of soil quality in South-Eastern Australia: management of structure for roots in duplex soils; Case studies of soil quality in the Canadian prairies long-term field experiments; Soil organic matter and soil quality: lessons learned from long-term experiments at Askov and Rothamsted.

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