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Photoperiodism in Plants

Subject Plant photoperiodism.


Photoperiodism is the response to the length of the day that enables living organisms to adapt to seasonal changes in their environment as well as latitudinal variation. As such, it is one of the most significant andcomplex aspects of the interaction between plants and their environment and is a major factor controlling their growth and development. As the new and powerful technologies of molecular genetics are brought to bear on photoperiodism, it becomes particularly important to place new work in the context of the considerable amount of physiological information which already exists on the subject. This innovative book will be of interest to a wide range of plant scientists, from those interested in fundamental plant physiology and molecular biology to agronomists and crop physiologists. Key Features * Provides a self-sufficient account of all the important subjects and key literature references for photoperiodism * Includes research of the last twenty years since the publication of the First Edition * Includes details of molecular genetic techniques brought to bear on photoperiodism