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Air-breathing Fishes

Evolution, Diversity, and Adaptation

Subject Air-breathing fishes.


Air Breathing Fishes: Evolution, Diversity, and Adaptation is unique in its coverage of the evolution of air-breathing, incongruously because it focuses exclusively on fish. This important and fascinating book, containing nine chapters that present the life history, ecology, and physiology of many air-breathing fishes, provides an exceptional overview of air-breathing biology. Each chapter provides a historical background, details the present status of knowledge in the field, and defines the questions needing attention in future research. Thoroughly referenced, containing more than 1,000 citations, and well documented with figures and tables, Air-Breathing Fishes is comprehensive in its coverage and will certainly have wide appeal. Researchers in vertebrate biology, paleontology, ichthyology, vertebrate evolution, natural history, comparative physiology, anatomy and many other fields will find something new and intriguing in Air-Breathing Fishes. Key Features * Offers a complete overview of an important and immensely interesting area of research * Provides a perspective of air-breathing fish that spans 300 million years of vertebrate evolution * Contains numerous illustrations as well as comprehensive charts * Provides a synoptic treatment of all the known air-breathing species with important data on their morphological and physiological adaptations