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Operational Risk Control with Basel II

Basic Principles and Capital Requirements


This book: *provides a sound methodology for operational risk control *focuses on management risk and ways to avoid it *explains why and how information technology is a major operational risk *shows how to integrate cost control in the operational risk perspective *details analytical approaches to operational risk control, to help with scorecard developments *explains the distinction between High Frequency Low Risk and Low Frequency High Risk events *provides many case studeies from banking and insurance to demonstrate the attention operational risks deserve *Assists risk professionals in preparing their institution to comply with the New Capital Adequacy Framework issued by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which becomes mandatory from January 1, 2006 *Readers benefit from a significantly broader viewpoint on types of operational risks, operational risks controls, and results to be expected from operational risk management - compared to what the reader may gain from books previously published on this same topic

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