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The Economic Prospects of the CIS

Sources of Long Term Growth



This useful volume features surveys of 10 of the 12 members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the successor organisation to the USSR. . . I heartily recommend this book for all economists interested in the economic transition of the CIS. Roy Gardner, Comparative Economic Studies The country studies (and the editors introduction) contain a wealth of statistical information that will be appreciated by many readers. . . Those interested in a broad overview will focus on the introduction and the conclusion, where the editors offer their synthesis of the ten country studies. This synthesis in itself is an important achievement that summarizes the wealth of country findings in a compact and easily readable format. Those who need more detail will greatly benefit from the in-depth treatment of the ten countries in the core chapters. The high level of scholarship of this volume ensures its usefulness, not only to academics and researchers specializing in transition, but also to development and comparative economists working on issues of economic growth. The specific country studies will be of value to economists assigned to the region by international organizations or to local economists interested to have a western perspective on developments in their countries. In summary, this is an important addition to the literature that summarizes the record of transition during the decade of the 1990s. Zvi Lerman, Slavic Review [This] book is to be commended for several reasons. First of all, it makes predominantly native research available to English speakers. Secondly, it has managed to provide separate chapters for as many as ten of the twelve members of the Commonwealth of Independent States and has not allowed its treatment of Russia to dominate the discussion. Thirdly, its approach to the theme of economic prospects is both country-oriented and comparative. And finally, it fulfills its remit in considering the future as well as the present. W.V. Wallace, Slavonic and East European Review Professors Gur Ofer and Richard Pomfret have created a volume in which timely and lucid combination of analyses, extensive information and clear-cut knowledge of what went wide of the mark during the 1990s in the Soviet bloc are all well presented. They offer economic and institutional analyses to help understand alternative routes to economic growth in the CIS. Bruno S. Sergi, Economics of Transition This first comprehensive application of the new growth accounting to systemic transition in ten ex-Soviet republics puts weak governance public and corporate and capital paucity as the key retardants to market-led dynamism today. The country-specific analyses, embedded in a rich description of resource, demographic and political environments, shows that these economies, as yet little touched by globalisation, need to build institutions qualitatively attractive to FDI and to technology transfer if their catch-up rate is to satisfy the aspirations of their still poverty-racked peoples. Michael Kaser, St Antony s College, Oxford, UK This book brings together ten original studies on the transition and growth experience and the foundations for long-term growth of the newly independent states created by the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Beginning with an overview of the common pre-1992 background and comparative information on the post-1992 performance of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, the authors continue by reviewing the Soviet background and post-independence experience. They then emphasise both the uniformity and diversity of the twelve CIS countries recent history. The problem of explaining economic growth in transition economies is also explored, and individual in-depth country studies are presented. The contributors to the book are a combination of in-country researchers with in-depth local knowledge and access to data, and international economists with technical expertise and experience of long-ter

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