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Minor trauma in children

a pocket guide


Childhood trauma is common and parental anxiety ensures frequent presentations to Accident and Emergency Departments, primary-care physicians and minor injury units. The management of serious injury is well covered by the several existing manuals but handling minor trauma - often equally scarring both physically and emotionally - can still cause difficulties, particularly for junior Accident and Emergency doctors not trained in the management of children. This handy pocket guide has been designed to enable doctors, nurses and emergency nurse practitioners to manage common minor injuries in children appropriately, to know when to ask for help and, of equal importance, to identify when minor trauma is indicative of a more serious diagnosis. Providing concise information on initial assessment of the child, differential diagnosis and management of a wide range of minor traumas, the text is presented in an easy-to-read format with numerous lists, key points for rapid reference flagged for the reader with suitable symbols, and explanatory photographs and line diagrams. This book will be an essential purchase for junior doctors, nurse practitioners, staff in emergency departments, minor injuries units, primary care centres and paediatricians both in hospitals and in the community, to be referred to frequently in any setting that receives children following minor injury or trauma.

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