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Women's Minds, Women's Bodies

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Women's Health


The editors of this book provide a fresh, accessible and positive framework for understanding the health of women's minds and bodies and managing the associated risks. Health care perspectives, not normally found in a single volume, are enlisted to challenge artificial restrictions on women's health issues and to bridge the theory/practice divide. Contributors dicuss research and clinical practice from cultural history; nursing; clinical psychology; medicine; allied health professions; sociology; social work; counselling; health economics; law and development studies. Each provides further readings in their discipline. An holistic approach to mind and body is dynamically developed to address key themes in health action. This dynamic analysis is developed in four sections on historical influences; how women's bodies may be actively built or broken; the dialogues which construct, empower and disempower women's health; initiatives taken by women in actively caring for their own and others' health through personal relationships and policy-building.

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