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From Liberal Values to Democratic Transition

Essays in Honor of János Kis


The book contains twelve essays by Stephen Holmes, Frances M. Kamm, M ria Ludassy, Steven Lukes, Gyorgy Markus, Andr?'s Saj, G sp r Mikl?'s Tam s, Andrew Arato, Timothy Garton Ash, B la Greskovits, Will Kymlicka, and Aleksander Smolar. The studies explore a wide scope of subjects that belong to disciplines ranging from moral philosophy, through theory of human rights, democratic transition, constitutionalism, to political economy. The common denominator of the studies collected is their reference to the scholarly output of J nos Kis, in honor of his sixtieth birthday.J nos Kis is a distinguished political philosopher who, after many years spent as a dissident under the Communist regime, emerged as an important political figure in Hungary's transition to democracy. Currently he is University Professor of Philosophy at Central European University, Budapest.