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Cam Design Handbook


Packed with hundreds of detailed illustrations! THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO CAM TECHNOLOGY! The transformation of a simple motion, such as rotation, into linear or other motion is accomplished by means of a cam -- two moving elements mounted on a fixed frame. Cam devices are versatile -- almost any specified motion can be obtained. If you work with industrial applications where precision is essential, the "Cam Design Handbook" is a key resource you'll need handy at all times. You'll find thorough, detailed coverage of cams in industrial machinery, automotive optimization, and gadgets and inventions. Written with tremendous practical insight by engineering experts, the "Cam Design Handbook" gathers the information you need to understand cam manufacture and design. Comprehensive in scope and authoritative in nature, the book delivers a firm grasp of: * The advantages of cams compared to other motion devices * Computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques * Numerical controls for manufacturing * Cam size and profile determination * Dynamics of high-speed systems Get comprehensive coverage of: * Basic curves * Profile geometry * Stresses and accuracy * Camwear life predictions * Cam system dynamics * And more!

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