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When the Market Moves, Will You Be Ready?

how to profit from major market events

Subject Stocks -- United States.


Interactive exercises and trading guidelines for using today's most strategically advanced "event-trading" technique High-profile events and announcements can cause tremendous swings in stocks and sectors, and often point out tremendous opportunities to investors who know how to read them. When the Market Moves, Will You Be Ready? is a "how-to" for knowing which events matter versus which are meaningless, and how to take advantage of the former for consistent trading success. Emphasizing the practical side of trading, When the Market Moves, Will You Be Ready? features exercises, Q&As, and checklists for using investing techniques in day, swing, value, or virtually any other trading or investing style. This hands-on book explores: Techniques for finding the best stock in a given sector Methods for profitably combining technical and fundamental analysis Ways to continually assess market and sector trends

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