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Stock Options and the New Rules of Corporate Accountability

measuring, managing, and rewarding executive performance

Subject Executives -- Salaries, etc. -- United States.


"As a former CEO and independent director of several corporations, I find Don Delves' discussion of executive compensation -- including detailed and insightful reviews of the issues involving stock options -- to be exceedingly instructive. This is a book that members of compensation committees, indeed all corporate board members should read." -B. Kenneth West, Former CEO, Harris Trust and Savings Bank and member of several corporate boards. Guidelines for curbing today's stock option abuses, and making "payment for performance" the new imperative Stock options account for up to 90 percent of the average CEO's compensation--despite a falling stock market and often plunging corporate earnings. Stock Options and the New Rules of Corporate Accountability examines this hot-button issue, proposing new methodologies and techniques for better aligning stock options, executive compensation, performance rewards, and accounting, and making sense of what has become today's most controversial form of compensation. Executive compensation authority Don Delves explains how high-profile corporations like GE and Coca-Cola have opted to expense stock options and have adjusted their policies to prevent options from becoming disincentive tools, and he shows others how to follow suit. In addition, Delves gives decision makers the knowledge they need to: Increase accountability by treating stock options as expenses Balance options with other incentives Create healthier contracts between employers and employees

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