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Recent Advances in the Analysis of Genetic Traits

A Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Haseman-Elston Method


This special issue of Human Heredity celebrates the 30th anniversary of the seminal method for quantitative linkage analysis developed by Joseph K. Haseman and Robert C. Elston. The editors invited nine peer-reviewed contributions from respected researchers in the field which present new methods and review relevant topics that in one way or another expand on the framework of the Haseman-Elston (HE) method. The new methods described include - adding further power to the HE method for detecting linkage through weighting sums and differences, - an X-linked extension of the revised HE algorithm, - efficiency robust tests for mapping quantitative traits using extremely discordant sib pairs, - regression-based sib-pair linkage analysis for binary traits, and - a method for evaluating the results of Bayesian model selection. Furthermore, regression models for linkage and the issues of traits, covariates, heterogeneity, and interaction are discussed as are information perspectives on the HE method. Bringing together new and outstanding research by leading scientists in the field, this publication will be of value to all those interested in statistical genetics, quantitative biology, and genetic epidemiology.

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