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Doomed in Afghanistan

A UN Officer's Memoir of the Fall of Kabul and Najibullah's Failed Escape, 1992

Subject Diplomatieke missies. -- gtt
HISTORY -- General. -- bisacsh
HISTORY. -- bisacsh
Taliban. -- gtt
Verenigde Naties. -- gtt
Vredesoperaties. -- gtt


"In April 1992, Phillip Corwin was in Afghanistan as part of a United Nations team whose mission was to help ensure the transfer of power from the Soviet-installed communist regime of President Najibullah to an interim authority that would prepare for elections. Some years after the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan, Najibullah's regime crumbled, and he was convinced to resign, with the understanding that he would be evacuated to a neutral country (India). Due to a series of miscalculations and machinations, the UN's diplomatic mission failed. Kabul fell to groups of mujahadin before Najibullah could be evacuated and before an interim authority could be installed. The inability of the various mujahadin factions to unite led to their eventual defeat by the Taliban, who four years later routed Najibullah from his safe haven at the UN compound and executed him."--BOOK JACKET.