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Textile Processing with Enzymes


With the increasing need to reduce pollution in textile production, the use of enzymes in the chemical processing of fibers and textiles is rapidly gaining recognition for its eco-friendly and non-toxic characteristics. Enzymes are a safe alternative in a wide range of textile processes that otherwise requires harsh chemicals, the disposal of which poses environmental problems. This book covers all of the relevant issues from basic biochemistry and enzymology to the industrial application of these biocatalysts. It begins with the fundamental aspects of enzymes determining catalytic properties, followed by a summary of fibrous and non-fibrous materials as substrates for enzymes. Chapters discuss catalysis and processing, with an overview of the function and application of enzymes used in textile processing, and addresses process engineering and industrial enzyme applications. The final part presents the practical aspects of handling enzymes, provide a detailed look at operational and storage stabilities, and consider the use of enzymes in effluent treatment.

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