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Energy Absorption of Structures and Materials

Subject Strength of materials.


This important study focuses on the way in which structures and materials can be best designed to absorb kinetic energy in a controllable and predictable manner. Understanding of energy absorption of structures and materials is important in calculating the damage to structures caused by accidental collision, assessing the residual strength of structures after initial damage and in designing packaging to protect its contents in the event of impact. Whilst a great deal of recent research has taken place into the energy absorption behaviour of structures and materials and significant progress has been made, this knowledge is diffuse and widely scattered. This book offers a synthesis of the most recent developments and forms a detailed and comprehensive view of the area. It is an essential reference for all engineers concerned with materials engineering in relation to the theory of plasticity, structural mechanics and impact dynamics. Important new study of energy absorption of engineering structures and materials Shows how they can be designed to withstand sudden loading in a safe, controllable and predictable way Illuminating case studies back up the theoretical analysis

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