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SiGe Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors

Subject Bipolar transistors.


SiGe HBTs is a hot topic within the microelectronics community because of its applications potential within integrated circuits operating at radio frequencies. Applications range from high speed optical networking to wireless communication devices. The addition of germanium to silicon technologies to form silicon germanium (SiGe) devices has created a revolution in the semiconductor industry. These transistors form the enabling devices in a wide range of products for wireless and wired communications. This book features: SiGe products include chip sets for wireless cellular handsets as well as WLAN and high-speed wired network applications Describes the physics and technology of SiGe HBTs, with coverage of Si and Ge bipolar transistors Written with the practising engineer in mind, this book explains the operating principles and applications of bipolar transistor technology. Essential reading for practising microelectronics engineers and researchers. Also, optical communications engineers and communication technology engineers. An ideal reference tool for masters level students in microelectronics and electronics engineering.

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