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Fight Your Ticket in California


Loads of traffic tickets are unfair. Perhaps the signs were unclear, the flow of traffic was fast or you simply didn't break the law. Sometimes an officer is filling a "quota," and sometimes he's just having a bad day. Whatever the case, you know that no matter how unfair a ticket is, it can still mean a steep fine and higher insurance rates. Rather than rolling over and writing checks, fight back with Fight Your Ticket in California. Thousands of Californians have used this bestselling book to win their cases. How much is the fine? How will it affect your driving record and car insurance? What is the effect of prior convictions or infractions? Learn how to put together a winning case and present it in court -- prepare all the necessary documents and jury instructions, present testimony, question a police officer, handle cross-examination and make a closing argument. If you've been found guilty of a misdemeanor or an infraction, you have the right to appeal the decision. Fight Your Ticket in California explains the rules for filing an appeal, how to evaluate your chances and how to proceed. Meticulously revised, the 10th edition provides the latest legal information, including fines and penalties, Internet resources and how Proposition 36 affects driver's licenses. Book jacket.