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Trade and Development

Directions for the 21st Century

Subject International trade -- Congresses.


The essays are of high quality and full of interesting details, which is not a surprise given the distinguished group of scholars that contributed. . . this is an impressive collection of essays that adds significantly to the discussion of policies for developing countries in the context of globalization. I would strongly recommend it to academics and students interested in development, as well as policymakers in developing countries. Ricardo A. López, Journal of International Development This book questions what enduring lessons have been learnt about the interdependence of international trade and economic development during the last 50 years. Since the end of the Cold War and the advent of the WTO, developing countries have been forced to face the choice of whether, and to what extent, to integrate economically with the rest of the world. The key issue of international political economy is emphasized. The authors argue that while integration through trade has become increasingly necessary for successful development, it rapidly encounters a series of problems that remain to be resolved. These range from increasing inequality and instability, the vagaries of WTO rules, persistent agricultural protection in developed countries, through to inadequate finance and new waves of technological innovation. Underlying all these concerns, however, is the deeper question of how much the developing countries can influence the setting of the rules of the international system. Trade and Development examines all the major topics in the area of trade and development, along with proposals for new directions for UNCTAD. The book will be of great interest to academics, researchers, NGOs and policymakers involved in international and development economics.

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