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Zero Defect Hiring

A Quick Guide to the Most Important Decisions Managers Have to Make

Subject Employee selection.


Not taking the time to hire the best employees undermines an organization?s performance and opens the door for competitors to recruit the outstanding performers who were overlooked. Managers and recruiters are engaged in a "quest for talent"?a search for the right person with the right skills and temperament for a specific position with a specific organization at a specific point in time. Zero Defect Hiring presents a systematic, reproducible, and proven methodology for hiring. This short and to-the-point book guides managers through all the necessary steps to successfully hiring the "right" person, including: planning, profiling, advertising, assessing resumes, interviewing, legal and ethical guidelines for hiring, selling the company to the candidate and the candidate to the company, references, red flags to watch for, and much more. Walter Dinteman is president and owner of MRI/Sales Consultants of Asheville, a franchise of Management Recruiters International. He has more than thirty years? experience in teaching, management, and hiring.

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