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The Trust Process in Organizations

Empirical Studies of the Determinants and the Process of Trust Development

Subject Organizational behavior.


'This volume is essential reading for those who want to keep abreast of cutting edge research on the role and sources of trust in organizations. The introductory chapters by Nooteboom and Six make conceptual strides by examining the interface between cognitive theory and different forms of trust. The detailed case studies and quantitative analyses of trust in organizational and team contexts fill an important gap in the empirical literature on trust. Overall the volume does a superb job of outlining a research programme addressed to theorists concerned with problems of cognition, trust, power and reciprocity in organizational settings.' - Edward Lorenz, Centre d'Etudes de l'Emploi, France 'This is an important and timely book. During the last ten years there has been growing recognition of the role of trust in promoting the economic performance of firms, organizations and societies, but much of the research has been of a purely theoretical nature. Now two leading proponents of the new approach have collaborated to provide empirical confirmation of key hypotheses. This collection of highly original studies by Dutch and French researchers highlights the importance of leadership and other social processes in engineering trust within organizations. It is essential reading for economists, sociologists, psychologists, and students of management and organization interested in this field.' - Mark Casson, University of Reading, UK Taking an interdisciplinary approach, this volume focuses on the trust processes between people within organizations, with an emphasis on empirical studies.