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Turbulence and new directions in global political economy


James Busumtwi-Sam and Laurent Dobuzinskis have assembled a leading team of experts in the field to examine how phenomena associated with globalization impact on political economy in theory and in practice. The volume employs a variety of theoretical and analytical approaches to examine the very changeable nature of the global political economy, in terms of academic analysis, policy and practice. The central theme uniting the volume is that of turbulence and the focus is on achieving greater understanding of contemporary political economy - the interplay and reciprocal connections between economics and politics - at the global, regional, national or sub-national levels. Issues covered include growing pressures for currency convergence and financial liberalization, changing patterns of investment and aid, and changes in domestic political and socio-economic organization both from 'above' and 'below'. The first part focuses on theoretical and disciplinary issues, while parts two and three examine institutional and policy issues and regional and national contexts respectively.