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The Manager's Question and Answer Book


"Sometimes a manager’s job can seem overwhelming. Managers need to set goals, communicate well, train and motivate people, appraise performance, and cope with sensitive policy issues. It’s no wonder they have so many questions: ""How do I challenge people who’ve lost their motivation?"" ""What do I do to increase productivity?"" ""How do I address questions about impending layoffs -- when I know they’re true? ""How do I deal with my own difficult boss?"" The Manager’s Question and Answer Book answers over 100 of these common -- and important -- management questions. Tackling issues like conflict management, recruitment and orientation, performance and stress management, political skills, and others, the book gives readers the help they need to handle any situation. Each question is addressed with a brief answer for quick guidance, followed by a longer ""tell me more"" section, which provides a thorough analysis for those who seek more in-depth guidance. The Manager’s Question and Answer Book is a crucial resource no manager can afford to be without."

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