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Profit-focused Supplier Management

How to Identify Risks and Recognize Opportunities

Subject Industrial procurement -- Management.


"Managing suppliers can contribute enormous savings to a company's bottom line, and few companies have done it better than Nokia. In " Profit-Focused Supplier Management," Pirkko Ostring details for the first time the supplier management program that has helped make Nokia the world leader in mobile communications. Drawing from her experience at Nokia, Ostring reveals how to understand and maximize relationships with suppliers to help any company minimize risk and improve profitability in any industry. "Profit-Focused Supplier Management" will motivate top management to uncover more information about their suppliers, enable purchasing managers to select better suppliers, and give business controllers a tool for limiting risks and improving their companies' financial standing. "Profit-Focused Supplier Management"is the first book written to address suppliers as ongoing business management opportunities. The book uses factual examples from companies including Intel and Marconi that provide an easy and interesting way to adopt the theoretical frameworks into practical formats. Additionally, fictional cases, based on the author's findings, illustrate the importance of in-depth analyses."

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