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The New Reality of Wall Street

an investor's survival guide to triple waterfalls and other stock market perils

Subject Stocks.


An investor's survival guide to avoiding costly dangers in today's uncertain markets That the "bubble burst" in 2000 is really a misnomer. The fall of the markets actually marked a seldom-seen--but always dangerous--triple waterfall. In The New Reality of Wall Street, Donald Coxe--a huge name in institutional investment circles--provides shaky investors with the reassuring knowledge and guidance they need to recoup recent investment losses, and weather a financial storm that is still far from over. While Coxe warns that the third leg of the triple waterfall is still alive, he shows there are profits to be made. The New Reality of Wall Street tells investors where to look--and what to look for--to invest profitably despite the prevailing doom and gloom as it discusses: How to understand and profit from the triple waterfall phenomenon What the fall of the dollar means to future investors Which direction inflation should turn, and why

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