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Issues in Cultural Tourism Studies

Subject Heritage tourism.


Combining a rigorous and academic theoretical framework with practical case studies and real-life examples, initiatives and projects from both the developed and developing world, this wide-ranging yet detailed book examines the phenomenon of cultural tourism in its broadest sense. It explores many issues including, amongst others: the development of cultural tourism and its impacts sustainable cultural tourism policies the role of cultural tourism in urban regeneration the organizational framework of European cultural tourism. In addition, individual chapters make reference to the problems of exclusion and discrimination. Drawing on post-modern perspectives, this informative text emphasizes the importance of popular cultural tourism, alternative or ethnic tourism, and that of working class heritage and culture. It focuses on the role cultural tourism plays in the globalization process and the impacts of global development on culture, traditions and identity, especially for regional, ethnic and minority groups. It argues that the future development and management of cultural tourism relies on a greater degree of mutual understanding between the sectors involved in its development, and on further communication, if it is to be sustainable, integrative and democratic.