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What Every Home Owner Needs to Know About Mold and What to Do About It

Subject Molds (Fungi)


The complete guide to dealing with mold in your home--the asbestos of the new millennium Toxic mold infestations in the home have been brought to the forefront of public awareness. Erin Brockovich's struggle to fight this health crisis and Ed McMahon's experience of this problem in his own home have further publicized the fact that mold has been linked to a host of serious health problems.Yet there are no standards for acceptable indoors mold levels and no laws requiring home sellers to disclose mold problems. Written by award-winning reporter Vicki Lankarge, this is the first complete home owner's/home buyer's guide to dealing with mold. Clearly and concisely, Lankarge acquaints readers with the latest findings about mold infestation and arms them with everything they need to know to: Successfully detect the presence of mold Prevent, control, or eliminate mold Deal with mold-related health problems Understand mold's legal implications Work with insurance companies on mold-related cases

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