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The Teacher's Calendar, School Year 2003-2004

school year 2003-2004 : the day-by-day directory to holidays, historic events, birthdays and special days, weeks and months

Subject Holidays.


A year's worth of ideas and activities at your fingertips Since its debut four years ago, The Teacher's Calendar has become a fixture in classrooms and school libraries across the country, thanks to its fresh ideas and limitless teaching opportunities. Covering events from August 1, 2003, through July 31, 2004, this unique reference helps educators in grades K-8 enhance their lesson plans in ways they never thought of before. Teachers will find a wealth of innovative ideas for lessons, bulletin boards, and school calendars on every page. The more than 4,800 entries include such topics as children's events, toy introduction anniversaries, teachers' conferences, and much, much more. Info-packed sidebars highlight specific dates and provide curriculum ideas and lists of appropriate books and websites. New additions to The Teacher's Calendar include: All new "Curriculum Connections"--with more hands-on projects Information on the Lewis and Clark Expedition bicentennial and invention of powered flight centennial events Contact information for governors and senators for all 50 states With its extensive listings and seemingly inexhaustible treasure of classroom ideas, The Teacher's Calendar will take the guesswork out of lesson planning and put back fun and creativity into the classroom.