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Hotspot Networks

Wi-Fi for public access locations

Subject Personal communication service systems.


The first-to-market, detailed guide to hotspots--the "killer app for 802.11"--provides need to know information on these open-to-the-public wireless networks that are springing up in hotels, airports, cafes, and even parks. Using this resource, engineers can cost, design, configure, implement, and install hotspots, or develop service applications in this hot new market. Written by Dan Minoli, one of the top voices in networking, this reference tells readers how to deliver wireless Internet and telecom that's 40 times faster and 1/10th the cost of conventional networks. * Walks designers through components, design options, cost benefits, and operating obstacles of hotspot networks * Reports on the early players in the field and details what products are coming to market * Brings developers up-to-speed on WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) technology * Overcome operating glitches * Find solutions to security problems * Explains enabling technologies, components, and design options

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