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Modern Styrenic Polymers

Polystyrenes and Styrenic Copolymers


Styrenic polymers encompass a broad range of types from commodity plastics to engineering polymers. Early polystyrenes - whilst having many favourable attributes such as outstanding clarity, high gloss, ease of processability and low cost - suffered from brittleness and poor chemical resistance. Today there exists a variety of new polymers, copolymers and blends that enable styrenic polymers to be used in ever growing and more demanding applications. Styrenic polymers now find widespread use in areas from packaging materials right through to structural components for domestic and automotive applications. This book serves as the first comprehensive reference to systematically cover the preparation, properties and applications of this important class of polymers. Major end-use consideration of styrenic polymers such as fracture properties, flammability and photodegradation are covered in detail. This book also describes the latest advances from new polymerization technologies to novel polymer architectures. The book is truly international in its scope, with 31 contributions from leading experts in North America, South America, Europe, Japan and Australia. With over 15 chapters written by The Dow Chemical Company and some five chapters by BASF, this book provides an authoritative and comprehensive treatment by contemporary experts from the leading companies engaged in the commercial manufacture, research and development of styrenic polymers.

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