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The Memory Cure

how to protect your brain against memory loss and Alzheimer's disease

Subject Alzheimer's disease -- Prevention -- Popular works.


EXCITING NEW DISCOVERIES IN THE TREATMENT AND PREVENTION OF MEMORY LOSS A world-renowned neurologist presents the first groundbreaking memory-loss protection plan Millions of aging Americans are afraid of losing their most precious possessiontheir memory. They are desperate for anything that will help them to regain it. Now, for the first time, The Memory Cure shares the absolute latest that science has to offer in the form of a protection plan. Dr. Majid Fotuhi, one of the world's foremost experts in the field of Alzheimer's Disease and brain function, outlines an exciting and highly effective plan that targets each of the 13 risk factors contributing to the development of memory loss. Drawing from cutting-edge, longitudinal studies from all over the globe that have followed tens of thousands of subjects from middle life into older age, Dr. Fotuhi deciphers the patterns that are repeatedly revealed. These include the fact that lifestyle affects the likelihood of developing Alzheimer's Disease, as well as the severity of normal memory loss that accompanies the aging process. The results profoundly suggest that these conditions can be preventedregardless of genetic dispositionby addressing the crucial 13 risk factors. In addition Dr. Fotuhi's protection plan also includes seven steps to protect the brain and sharpen memory for life. Filled with tests, questionnaires, and real-life profiles, The Memory Cure offers readers specific ways to reduce their risk and increase mental agility, while providing them with an accessible and comprehensive book on the workings of the aging brain.

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