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Fundamentals and Applications

Subject Adsorption.


Adsorption promises to play an integral role in several future energy and environmental technologies, including hydrogen storage, CO removal for fuel cell technology, desulfurization of transportation fuels, and technologies for meeting higher standards on air and water pollutants. Ralph Yang's Adsorbents provides a single and comprehensive source of knowledge for all commercial and new sorbent materials, presenting the fundamental principles for their syntheses, their adsorption properties, and their present and potential applications for separation and purification. Chapter topics in this authoritative, forward-looking volume include: - Formulas for calculating the basic forces or potentials for adsorption - Calculation of pore-size distribution from a single adsorption isotherm - Rules for sorbent selection - Fundamental principles for syntheses/preparation, adsorption properties, and applications of commercially available sorbents - Mesoporous molecular sieves and zeolites - ̧-complexation sorbents and their applications - Carbon nanotubes, pillared clays, and polymeric resins Yang covers the explosion in the development of new nanoporous materials thoroughly, as the adsorption properties of some of these materials have remained largely unexplored. The whole of this book benefits from the new adsorbent designs made possible by the increase in desktop computing and molecular simulation, making Adsorbents useful to both practicing laboratories and graduate programs. Ralph Yang's comprehensive study contributes significantly to the resolution of separation and purification problems by adsorption technologies.

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