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Environmental effects of transgenic plants :

the scope and adequacy of regulation


Transgenic crops offer the promise of increased agricultural productivity and better quality foods. But they also raise the specter of harmful environmental effects. In this new book, a panel of experts examines: 1. Similarities and differences between crops developed by conventional and transgenic methods 2. Potential for commercialized transgenic crops to change both agricultural and nonagricultural landscapes 3. How well the U.S. government is regulating transgenic crops to avoid any negative effects. Environmental Effects of Transgenic Plants provides a wealth of information about transgenic processes, previous experience with the introduction of novel crops, principles of risk assessment and management, the science behind current regulatory schemes, issues in monitoring transgenic products already on the market, and more. The book discusses public involvement--and public confidence--in biotechnology regulation. And it looks to the future, exploring the potential of genetic engineering and the prospects for environmental effects.