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Leisure and tourism policy and planning


This book provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary introduction to public policy and planning in the field of leisure and tourism. It includes theoretical perspectives and practical guidelines for the application of a range of analytical techniques. It is an updated edition of Leisure Policy and Planning (1994), now covering tourism as well as leisure and addressing such issues as citizens' rights, the implications of globalization, 'third way' politics, and 'best value' developments. Topics covered include: leisure and tourism needs, rights and citizenship; political ideologies and the role of the state; the market versus the state; public policy making; leisure and tourism plans and planning; forecasting leisure and tourism demand; economic evaluation methods; performance evaluation; and planning for different sectors (sport, outdoor recreation, tourism, and the arts) and groups (men and women, people with disabilities, ethnic groups, older people, and youth). The book has author and subject indexes.