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Unusual Structures and Physical Properties in Organometallic Chemistry

Subject Organometallic compounds.


The principal idea of this volume is to offer a Capita Selecta of unconventional and thought-provoking topics in organometallic chemistry, presented by experts in each field. As intended, this approach leads either to reviews covering a specific uncommon class of organometallic compounds or to overviews which relate uncommon physical properties with various classes of organometallic compounds. The contributions are streamlined thus onto two main axes - unusual properties reflecting structures and bonding situations, on the one hand, and uncommon structural features or structure-reactivity relationships, on the other. Extensive cross-referencing of useful information is provided, making this volume accessible for people working in rather different areas of organometallic chemistry. The synthesis of molecules with 'extreme' properties is a challenge for all those working in organometallic chemistry, irrelevant of theoretical/computational, synthetic or application interests. This book presents case studies at the interface of these overlapping interests. Unusual Structures and Physical Properties in Organometallic Chemistry: * Provides test cases for computational and theoretical models * Presents a challenge for synthetic chemists * Provides ideal show cases for analytical techniques This volume will be an invaluable reference for researchers in organometallic chemistry, computational and theoretical chemistry, NMR and other spectroscopic methods.

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