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Netslaves 2.0

Tales of "surviving" the Great Tech Gold Rush


Beyond the media frenzy of the bust, here is a behind-the-scenes account of what became of American tech industry workers. Technology professionals, former employees of failed Internet start-ups, downsized corporate workers, and entrepreneurs eager to avoid mistakes of the recent past should be interested in this poignant account of the human cost of the rise and fall. In the sequel to NetSlaves: Tales of Working the Web, the authors profile the people affected by the rise and fall of Internet companies and where they are today. The coverage in this collection of experiences includes the survivalists, who made it through the storm intact and continue to work in the industry; the neo-luddites, who have shunned the Internet forever; the vigilantes, who are screaming for justice for their mistreatment; and many others. By revealing the most absurd moments of the bubble and what really happened to the people displaced by the death of the New Economy, this volume should be of interest to anyone who wants to know what these events mean for the future of the Internet industry.

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