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Winning Behavior

What the Smartest, Most Successful Companies Do Differently


Winning Behavior gives companies a new way to increase business: by "out behaving" rivals so that customers see a positive behavioral difference at every customer touch point-from product development and branding to bids and proposals, service, and much more. It is this company-wide Behavioral Differentiation that breeds lasting customer loyalty by allowing any company to distinguish itself from competitors in a tough, crowded market.Winning Behavior will prove to be a landmark book in the literature on customer service and customer relationship management: there has never been a book on Behavioral Differentiation before, but readers will see its potential in the results of the blue-ribbon organizations that practice it.Packed with eye-opening case histories and examples: Ritz-Carlton, Harley-Davidson, Enterprise, Rent-a-Car, Wal-Mart, Features, exclusive interviews with high-profile executives including: George Zimmer (Men's Wearhouse), Hans-Olof Olssen (Volvo), Piers Marmion (Heidrick & Struggles) and others,

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