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Show Biz Training

Fun and Effective Business Training Techniques from the Worlds of Stage, Screen, and Song

Subject Employees -- Training of -- Problems, exercises, etc.


"Entertainers and trainers have a lot in common. Both require an audience. Both require a polished, professional delivery. And both must attract -- and keep -- attention. Or else the show is over. Unlike the audience at a show, training participants are often disinterested and easily distracted. In order to keep them tuned in and help them retain information, trainers are constantly in search of new ways to engage learners. Grounded in the latest adult learning and training theories, "Show Biz Training" provides creative techniques that use comedy, props, magic, theater, and music, giving readers all the tools they need to perform the many activities found inside. The book uses specific examples and provides step-by-step instructions, resource lists, and worksheets to help trainers support and further learning by engaging emotion, building rapport, creating the proper atmosphere, and crafting lessons out of a host of entertainment-inspired ideas. Packed with fun, original concepts for serious educators, "Show Biz Training"is a highly informative way to set the stage for exciting, effective learning."

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