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take three


"The Directors, Take Three" offers dozens of masterful insights on the craft of directing from such renowned filmmakers as Robert Altman, Wes Craven, Alan Parker, Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg, and Barry Levinson. Here are details of their experiences making a variety of classic films from" Nashville" to "Nightmare on Elm Street," " Rain Man" to "Raging Bull," and "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" to "Schindler's List." You'll discover directors' earliest reactions to scripts for films that became classics; how legendary scenes were staged and shot; behind-the-scenes stories of the unknown actors who landed major roles and went on to become superstars; the underdog films that confounded expectations; directors' unique approaches to their art; and much, much more. This magnificent series also includes each director's filmography, complete listings of major awards, and cast credits for every film discussed. A fabulous source of insights, anecdotes, and industry secrets for film buffs everywhere