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Nolo's Quick LLC


Few business people haven't heard the buzz about limited liability companies -- the newest and wildly popular way to organize a business. For those who are wondering whether or not an LLC is right for them, Nolo's Quick LLC is the book to grab. Written by corporations and LLC expert Attorney Anthony Mancuso, this Quick & Legal book provides essential information for small business owners in any of the fifty states. It explains, in plain English, the advantages and drawbacks of forming an LLC, and how the LLC compares with running a business as a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship. The book explains: * how LLCs are formed by filing Articles of Organization with the state * the crucial Operating Agreement, which details the legal rights and responsibilities of LLC members and managers * how owners can choose between a member-run or manager-run LLC * important tax options that qualify an LLC for partnership tax treatment -- an essential benefit of forming an LLC *the required ongoing legal and tax paperwork *

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