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The Career Survival Guide: Making Your Next Career Move

Making Your Next Career Move

Subject Career development.


A PAPERBACK ORIGINAL Everything you need to know to survive and thrive in the world of work Layoffs, mergers, volatile markets, an uncertain future. The Career Survival Guide is an indispensable source of expert insight, analysis, and guidance for today's beleaguered and confused corporate citizen. And it offers a gold mine of sure-fire tips on how to find a mentor, how to get and use insider business information, how to read the tea leaves when your job may be on the line, and how to handle corporate politics. Readers also learn how to enhance their visibility, as well as how to leverage sudden economic change, and, perhaps most important, they learn about the seven types of corporate survivorsincluding "Switzerlands," "Gumbies," "Stoics," and "Don't Worry, Be Happys"and how to determine which type is most consistent with their own personalities. In the face of increasing layoffs and uncertainty, readers wanting to increase their chances of having a successful and fulfilling career will appreciate The Career Survival Guide's comprehensive content, including: Helpful info boxes, sidebars, and lively profiles An introduction to the often-intimidating corporate landscape Strategies for experienced employees looking to recharge their climb up the corporate ladder

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