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101 Real Money Questions

The African American Financial Question and Answer Book

Subject African Americans -- Finance, Personal -- Examinations, questions, etc.


"Jesse Brown puts money in your pocket, answers all your questions, and gives you the know-how to create the future you want for yourself and your family." -- From the Foreword by Tavis Smiley "If you have no money in the bank, you think your paycheck is too small, and you're determined to change your life, READ THIS BOOK!" -- Melvin B. Miller, Director of the Boston Bank of Commerce Author, How to Get Rich When You Ain't Got Nothing "Mr. Brown does an excellent job of guiding readers through the financial pitfalls to attainable wealth and financial security. THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE." -- Will Horton, Publisher and CEO, NASABA Magazine "Need help setting financial goals, funding a college education, planning a retirement? Then turn to financial expert Jesse Brown." -- Library Journal Let Jesse Brown put you and your family on the road to success. This easy-to-follow personal finance book gives you the answers to all your questions about how to get out of debt and stay out of debt-and how to make money work for you instead of against you. As Jesse Brown and Tavis Smiley say, "Things just don't happen. You've got to claim your destiny. Educate yourself. Get a plan. And take charge of your financial life." From stories of other people's mistakes, you can learn: * How to stop spending money you don't have * How to stop paying more than everybody else * How to stop being a day late and a dollar short * How to stop relying on get-rich-quick schemes and the lottery and start believing in yourself, your spirituality, and your determination to change your life Let Jesse Brown, Money Makeover columnist for ABC and nationally syndicated personal finance columnist, show you how to get the money you need. Make your move now from financial destitution to financial knowledge and empowerment.

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