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Motivational Management

Inspiring Your People for Maximum Performance

Subject Employee motivation.


Managers have a tough job. By definition, they must accomplishtheir goals and do their work through the work of others. The oldsaying that OCyOCyIf you want something done right, do it yourselfOCOOCO hasa ring of truth to it, because it is usually harder to get employees todo a challenging job well than to do it yourself. Yet managers mustlet go of their own urge to just step in and make things right, andthey must instead nurture the necessary competencies and commitmentin their employees.Achieving difficult goals through the work of others is of coursean age-old challenge. Whoever built the pyramids must have wrestledwith it. But in some ways, the challenge is a new one for ustoday. As weOCOll explore in Chapter 1, managers now face challengesthat need a lot more effort, creative problem-solving, and willingnessto change than did the previous generation of managers. As Ivisit workplaces and speak to audiences of managers and executives, I hear a common set of frustrations and desires having to dowith the need to achieve tough and variable goals in a tough andvariable world. To be better and quicker and smarter as an organizationrequires us to be better and quicker and smarter as individuals.That means everyone, not just the managers. How do weachieve that goal?"

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