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Astronomy Demystified

Subject Astronomy -- Popular works.


THE FAST AND PAINLESS WAY TO GRASP THE FUNDAMENTALS OF BASIC ASTRONOMY . . . WITHOUT FORMAL TRAINING Want to master astronomy or aerospace engineering but are intimidated by the complex formulas and equations? Tried other self-teaching guides but were turned off by the dry, complicated presentation? Problem solved! Astronomy Demystified is a totally different, very entertaining, and amazingly effective way to learn the mathematics, fundamentals, and general concepts of astronomy. With Astronomy Demystified, you ease into the subject one simple step at a time – at your own speed. Unlike most other books on the topic, general concepts are presented first – and the details follow. In order to make the learning process as clear and simple as possible, heavy-duty math, formulas, and equations are kept at a minimum. THIS UNIQUE, SELF-TEACHING TEXT OFFERS: * Questions at the end of every chapter and section to reinforce learning and pinpoint your weaknesses * A 100-question final exam for self-assessment * Tips on how to get the most out of observational tools such as binoculars and telescopes * Discussion of the special problems associated with observing the sky at “invisible wavelengths” * An easy way to understand the math involved in astronomy Simple enough for a beginner but comprehensive enough for an advanced student, Astronomy Demystified is your short cut to understanding the heavens.

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