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Cell invasion


Table of Contents--Matrix metalloproteinases in cancer cell invasion-Niina Reunanen and Veli-Matti Kähäri--Integrins in cancer cell invasion-Pekka Koistinen and Jyrki Heino--Fibronectin receptors and keratinocyte migration-Hannu Larjava--MMP inhibitors in vascular cell migration-Andrew H. Baker--Cancer invasion-related genes-Reinhard Buettner and Anja Bosserhoff--Cell-matrix interactions in neurite outgrowth-Heikki Rauvala--EMMPRIN in tumor invasion-Bryan Toole--GTPases in cell invasion-John Collard--Plasminogen activator system in cell invasion-M. Patrizia Stoppelli--Keratinocyte migration -r.