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Big in Asia

25 Strategies for Business Success

Subject Strategic planning -- Asia.


So you want to be Big in Asia? You want to be a business success, to move effectively between cultures and win where others have lost. But doing business in Asia can be tough. Even for locals. The large populations mean that the potential is high. But then so too are the obstacles. The law might offer little protection, good information is hard to come by, local employees might be difficult to manage, and consultants and brokers appear from everywhere to offer 'help' but who to trust? Clearly, it's a game built for insiders, but where are the entry points? Sometimes succeeding in Asia simply means not losing money. But expectations are there to be met. Here are twenty-five stratagems to help you do just that. Twenty-Five stratagems to get you thinking. Twenty-Five to help you get ahead in the game. BIG in Asia presents a new way of looking at the Asian puzzle. Michael Backman's hard-hitting, on-the-ground detailed analysis of corporate Asia is combined with Charlotte Butler's business school approach and experience to provide a fresh and winning program to guide you through the complexities of Asia's business environment. For the first time, BIG in Asia combines management school theory with the grit of Asian corporate realities in a single volume.

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