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How to Be Your Own Therapist

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Competent, Confident Life

Subject Self-management (Psychology)


Self-help tools that work with--or without--the aid of a therapist How to Be Your Own Therapist provides tools for those who want to replace unhealthy behaviors with actions that bring satisfaction and success. Drawing from her 20 years as a licensed therapist, Dr. Patricia Farrell has developed an approach that enables individuals to manage their own lives by reclaiming the personal power to take action. With intelligence and insight, Dr. Farrell shares the innovative techniques and exercises that promote successful results in her own patients--patients whom Farrell quickly enables to move into independent problem-solving action. Also included here are dozens of proven self-assessment tests, compelling case studies, and helpful symptom-identification sidebars. Her "power tools" include how to: Fire one's parents Quit whining Make lots of mistakes Stick up for oneself