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Making Sense of Strategy

Subject Strategic planning.


Business strategy is not rocket science. Its about using pertinent information to make smart decisions, and doing it fast enough to keep your business ahead of the curve. And while many companies have embraced the 24/7 business paradigm, their strategies come from the 9-to-5 era. Plain and simple, most strategic planning efforts fail because they cant keep up with the evolving demands of the market.Standing apart from the piles of discarded management wisdom, Making Sense of Strategy provides real, practical insights and advice for 21st-century businesses. Top strategy consultant Tony Manning cuts through layer after layer of guru babble to bring the reader only the most genuinely valuable information: the questions that need to be asked, the principles that every organization and its people must adopt, and the tools that every company needs in order to develop their core business strategies and create profit. Mannings refreshingly streamlined approach to strategy encompasses: * The value of shared ideas* The importance of creating and sustaining unique communities for your products or services* The link between a companys values and those of its customers and shareholders* And why strategic management is ultimately a conversation, one that empowers its participants with a sense of purpose and ownership.A real-world, no-nonsense guide, Making Sense of Strategy is the key to turning plans into action - fast

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