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Influence of Pilates-based mat exercise on chronic lower back pain.


The purpose of this study was to analyze the benefits of a Pilates-based mat exercise program (PME) on low back pain (LBP). Twenty-two volunteers who had LBP were recruited from local commercial and community fitness centers in Delray Beach, Florida and completed the study. All subjects performed pre- and post-assessments of range of motion, flexibility, body composition, surface electromyography (EMG) and Oswestry questionnaire for pain perception. The subjects were randomly divided into Pilates-based mat exercise (PME, n = 15) and control group (CG, n = 7). The PME group completed a 12-week, twice a week, 60-minute per session Pilates-based exercise program. Between group differences were seen in EMG results at L3R, L5R and S1 L. These results indicate Pilates may be an effective method for reducing muscle activity in paraspinal muscles in those who experience chronic lower back pain.